'Magical Girl' Panties


Ugh. This. Entire. Shop. ////flings money


everyone is alive hugs!!!


i wanna do cute things like hold your hand and cuddle and make you moan uncontrollably

Homesickness is just a state of mind for me. I’m always missing someone or someplace or something, I’m always trying to get back to some imaginary somewhere. My life has been one long longing. —Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via say-cheesecake)
There’s nothing you feel, that you don’t feel right down to the bottom of yourself. —Rafe, Prozac nation (via madredolorosa)
I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life. —Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York (via floranymph)





Petition to ban old men from writing books just because they don’t know how to use an iPhone

Petition to have the youth in this country to actually educate themselves instead of spitting out some bullshit they read on some shitty post on facebook that’s untrue, and continues to spread like wildfire.

In 2012, young adults set the record of completing both high school and college and are on course to become the most educated generation in American history. Maybe you should follow the example of ‘the youth in this country’ and do the same.



my problem with writing stories is that i’d rather imagine it and play it out in my mind than actually put it into words 



this is why the world is beautiful, maybe its just me but i find this cool as fuck

"Your kid says hi." -The sun


Is there anything better than pussy?


calling your friends like


I remember when I was younger and I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else. —(via radicalteen)